Monday, September 1, 2014

We Tied the Knot

We have pictures! The wedding was basically the best day ever. Maybe it's because I'm biased, but our wedding was definitely, by far the most fun and romantic wedding I have ever been to (I guess I should think that though right?) 

The past three months have been the most fun and rewarding days of my entire life. Can't believe people say marriage is boring, the end of life, ball and chain - whatever. Marriage really is the best opportunity to learn how to be selfless (and actually achieve it sometimes) ;), to trust, and feel free. Obviously it's not for everyone, but my heart has been so broken over all of the conversations I have had with people who are reflecting on marriage out of bitterness or fear derived from their past. See, the thing about our marriage is that it is not about us - in fact, it never has been. Nothing in our lives is our's, not even our own lives. All of this is for God. 

Marriage is not an easy commitment, we knew that going into it, but it is the most rewarding and strengthening experience I have ever known. Maybe it's because I'm naive in the first few months of marriage, but I honestly think that many couples have lost the ability to have fun with life and find joy in even the little things. Yes, two very different people coming together and spending a lot of time together and making very hard life decisions together is not an easy task, but it becomes too serious way too often. One thing that Stan and I have learned is to laugh - and laugh a lot. Even when we don't agree on something. I can't make eye contact with Stan when we have a disagreement because I immediately laugh or smile when I do (which is very hard when I'm trying to hold my ground), but then I realize that it isn't about me - and whatever that was all about really wasn't that important if I can laugh instantly about it. The thing I've learned is to allow myself to laugh with Stan, to let myself look him in the eyes in those moments and smile - because he is so much more important than even the hardest things that we have faced so far. In the past three months we have dealt with several different situations that put a strain on our marriage - or could have - but we learned very quickly not to start picking at each other because of something that someone else did, and to still laugh even when whatever that thing was didn't have any validation nor made any sense to us. 

I seriously do not know how two people can love each other so "successfully" (for lack of a better word) without God's love and forgiveness. I can recount numerous instances throughout my life of when I have felt almost "outside" of myself, watching what I am doing, and not really knowing how the words coming out of my mouth are actually sounding pretty good. It has always been the Holy Spirit speaking through me and loving through me. And those are my most favorite moments. It is when I feel the most love - the most Christ, in me. I love feeling Him move through me. And when that happens with Stan, it feels a billion times more amazing. Because for me to allow God to move through me to love the most important person in my life, is the most satisfying and rewarding feeling in the entire world. 

In our new adventure in Austin, and my new job, I have never felt more sure of anything in my entire life. I've had people tell me I'm so young, but I've also had people respect me for it, which is quite honestly very refreshing. I've had people say that they couldn't imagine being married to someone as sweet as Stan, which breaks my heart because everyone deserves someone as wonderful as Stan. And I've had people say that we were wrong to get married so young because we should have been having fun and exploring the world at our age. But honestly, I am having the most fun I have ever had, and I have someone to explore the entire world with who knows all of my flaws and still loves me unconditionally and pursues me passionately. 

Sometimes I get tired of hearing a lot of things regarding age, because age does not make you who you are, nor does it discount your credibility; but then, I hear a little whisper and then a strong pull from my heart telling me that I have not been giving such a blessed and decisive life to get upset over someone caring or simply reflecting on past heartbreak or poor decisions. My purpose is to love even when whatever is being said about me or anyone else is false. It always brings me back to when Jesus was accused falsely and He never got angry nor did He ever rant about it. He always loved, and loved them so deeply.

I thank God every day for changing my plans and putting Stan in my life, because it has given me (us) an incredible platform to allow God's love to move through us. Knowing that my job, our life in Austin, and everything about this moment in time is the vision I had always kept in my heart of what God was calling me to do, and knowing that these are the people He is calling me to love, is the driving force behind my desire to be here and to work hard at my job - because it definitely is stressful, and it is not easy. But I love every minute of it :) 

More pics tomorrow :) 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Amazing God

The Lord is SO GOOD!! 

We have been praying for nearly a year for direction and career jobs and looking back it is freaky how clearly God's hand was in all of this. 

For six full months we applied to over seventy jobs, had phone interviews, networked, etc. and tried to slowly build a network in the place we strongly felt God moving us toward. 

Of course it was really hard when May rolled around, we graduated, got married, and had to stay in our small town in VA (we are definitely both city people!), but we knew it was exactly what we needed to be doing at the time. 

When we tried to plan too much He kept us in Virginia to get our sight back on Him, to learn patience, and to grow in our faith. 

Then, when we finally settled in and quieted our hearts, the Lord opened a door. 

A gigantic door!

On the very same day Stan and I both received phone calls. 

Stan got a job offer, and I got an offer for a phone interview. 

Both were at amazing companies! 

The very next day Stan was told that he got a job at our alma mater, Liberty University, from a board of interviewers he had met with earlier in the week. 

We had no idea what to do! 

All of a sudden we were faced with so many choices, that of course were incredible blessings, but still definitely overwhelmed us! 

Stan was volunteering in Austin at a convention called RTX run by Rooster Teeth. I wasn't originally going to go because the cost of plane tickets, but after having a very successful phone interview decided it would definitely be worth an interview! 

When we were down there we absolutely fell in love with Austin. It felt like home, and thankfully it is home now!!

I was offered a job at an interior design company in Austin that does work nationally. I could not be more excited!

We ask for prayers now as we have a week to pack and three days to drive down to Texas to be there on the 1st of August! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm Back!!

So after several months of CRAZY HECTIC life I've decided it's time I attend to my blog again!

It has been WAY too long! 

Anyway, in the past few months I have graduated from college... 

got married to the most incredible man

went on a seriously fun honeymoon!

officially moved into our new apartment

and then got a job in Austin, Texas!

and now we're moving again!

God is SO GOOD!

Come back soon to read about how our amazing God has taken us on this incredible journey!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jenna Bechtholt Photography AND the Announcement of the Jewelry Giveaway Winner!!

Happy Friday!! 

I don't know about you guys, but I am BEYOND ready for the weekend. 

As you all know, last Thursday started an awesome jewelry giveaway brought to us by Katelyn from Bow & Bling from her Etsy shop

And TODAY we announce the winner!! 

Drum roll please.... 

And the winners are! 

1. Laura Kathleen
2. Micaela Adwell (love your name by the way!)
3. Trish Crimmins Flynn
4. Kaylyn Laws
5. Patti LeBlanc
6. Lalena Janke
7. Brooke Cockrell

Winners, make sure you check your inboxes for an email from Katelyn!

And now, here is Jenna's GORGEOUS photography business! 

Hi guys! I’m back for round two on the Mikaela Rae blog! And
now that you know a bit about me I would love to share some more about my
photography business,  Jenna BechtholtPhotography!

My personal photography style has a simple and relaxed feel to it and my main goal is to make sure every person that steps in front of my camera feels comfortable and confident! I specialize in natural light wedding photography which means that I utilize the natural light of the day to give my photographs a bright and airy feel to them. I believe in simplicity but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the little details! From the lace of a wedding dress and the bride’s antique earrings to the cake topper and sweet smile of the groom’s grandma, I
know every element of a wedding is important and I work hard to document each detail! 

But enough talking, let me show you...


While I love everything wedding related, I also adore lifestyle sessions ranging from engagements and families to maternity and business portraits. These images are from a recent Laguna Beach engagement session that I did with a lovely couple planning on getting married next year. These engagement photos are a perfect example of my style and brand - full of love, beautifully lit, and captured in a hand picked location. See the full post of Paige and Kyle’s engagement session right HERE!

I also love collaborating with other talented wedding vendors to create stunning styled shoots that help to inspire brides!

 Check out my latest collaboration with a talented Los Angeles florist right HERE!


So, if you or someone you know are getting married soon or perhaps you are interested in
doing a fun and mellow lifestyle session with your family, come on over to my blog and send me a quick hello! I love to meet new people and can’t wait to hear more about your special story!

To receive seasonal promotions, the latest news & fun photography related tips from yours truly don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter! Take a second and join in on all the fun right HERE!


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